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Founded: 1586
Location: 53°11′00″N 50°07′00″E
Elevation: 100 m (328 ft) (city centre)
Time zone: UTC+4
Area: 465.97 km² (179.9 sq mi)
Population: 1,164,898 (2010 census)
Density: 2,437/km²
Dialling code: +7 846

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Welcome to Samara

Welcome to Samara Guru – a web source of information about one of the largest cities in Russia from its citizen. Whether you are into beer or rockets, Soviet architecture or Art-Nouveau, nature or arts – Samara has quite a lot to offer. And I offer you my services in telling about the city, showing you the city and maybe even guiding you around the city one day.


Samara is located in the south-east of European Russia on the Volga River. Population is more than a million people. Just across the river there is Samarskaya Luka (the Samara Bend) National Park with the Zhiguli Hills and Nature Preserve. So, Samara is nested in a charming place with rivers and wooded hills around. The climate is continental with hot summers and cold winters.

Samara has a rich history of more than 400 years and architectural heritage spanning several styles. You will find excellent examples of Russian wooden architecture, Art-Nouveau, constructivism, Gothic and Moorish Revival, pseudo-Russian and Russian styles, Neo-Classicism, industrial architecture, modernism and eclecticism.

You can get to Samara by plane, train, coach, car or even a cruise ship. Kurumoch International Airport handles domestic and international flights with direct links to Moscow, Frankfurt, Prague, Tel Aviv, Tashkent. Railway lines go from Samara in all directions (with direct trains to Moscow and other cities). Coach service connects Samara with regional destinations. Seasonal river service brings tourists from up and down the Volga.

samara_views_1Here’s the rundown of what to find where:

  • WHAT to see: sights and attractions, venues and places, neighbourhoods and tours, history and heritage. This is the category to find most pictures.
  • WHAT to do: happenings and events, entertainment and recreation, business and study opportunities.
  • WHEN to do: schedules and billboards.
  • WHERE to go: lodging, dining and shopping.
  • HOW to do: general information and all sorts of advice on how to get in and out of the city, not get lost, get help, etc.

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